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Srom's Reward Points: 12123

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Christian murders his child
1 Added Argument should you tell your crush how you feel
2 Added Argument Should Islam reform to stop people abusing it?
1 Added Argument Is Islam a religion of peace?
3 Added Argument Abortion
2 Added Argument Do God Accept Homosexuality, OR God is Against Homosexuality
2 Added Argument Can Science and Morality co-exist?
1 Added Argument Fetuses Don’t Have Rights; Pregnant Women Do; This Distinction is Crucial
3 Added Argument To take a position concerning what good and evil are, and why, is religious activity
1 Added Argument Is rape simply surprise sex?
1 Added Argument What's up, f%$kers
1 High Rated Argument Chuck Norris v.s jesus
1 Added Argument Muslims don't worship same God as Christians and Jews, it's Baal worship
1 Added Argument Is abortion wrong in all cases?
1 Added Argument Christians... Is this concerning to you?
2 Added Argument Easter is NOT a pagan holiday
5 Created Debate If only someone had warned us about vehicular jihad ten days ago
5 Created Debate Easter is NOT a pagan holiday
0 Created Debate Facebook Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws
3 Created Debate Facebook Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws
1 Added Argument Say goodbye to the trolls of CreateDebate
1 Added Argument It's time for Christians to create Christian no go zones like Islam
1 Added Argument Planned Parenthood
1 Added Argument Have you ever noticed that alleged prolifers care more about the fetus than born humans?

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