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AveSatanas's Reward Points: 4280

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?
1 Added Argument What is your favorite flavour of ramen
2 Added Argument Atheists are all literally retarded
1 Added Argument Democrats would defend Nazis tomorrow if it'd get them some more votes
1 Added Argument Trumpets, admit you were conned by Trump about the Wall
1 Added Argument Bernie Sanders was one of the first Dems to introduce the federal Freedom of Choice Act.
4 Added Argument That's funny! I know many people who just got pay increase! HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE?
1 Added Argument Why do you think antiAmerican agents fund the liberal media?
1 Added Argument Feminists and gays defending Islam is like blacks defending the KKK
1 Added Argument Separation of Church and State Debate
1 Added Argument Absolute stillness doesn't exist, but does absolute velocity exist?
1 Added Argument If you could, would you go back in time and raise little you?
1 Added Argument In the US, can you CHOOSE to be a Muslim one day, a Christian the next, and then a Jew?
1 Added Argument Why are gay people almost always liberal?
1 Added Argument What's the best video game of 2017?
1 Added Argument Hillary Clinton is as inspiring as a slow moving snail.
1 Added Argument Hillary Clinton is as inspiring as a slow moving snail.
2 Added Argument The problem with Democrats (I mean Socialists) is they never learn. It's inbred I guess.
1 Added Argument The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by their extreme Liberal wing.
1 High Rated Argument New study shows Atheism is dying out
1 Added Argument New study shows Atheism is dying out
4 Added Argument Socialist Paradise:British National Health Service Cancels 50,000 Surgeries
7 Added Argument Let's face it. The Democrats lied to you about the tax bill.

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