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AveSatanas's Reward Points: 4369

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Could our resident angry right wingers actually BE Russian BOTS??
4 Added Argument Why liberals are frustrated dealing with the modern conservative
1 Added Argument Americans Just Simply Don't Understand Socialism
1 Added Argument Why is it never Atheist groups flocking to disaster zones?
3 Added Argument Why is it never Atheist groups flocking to disaster zones?
1 Added Argument Why is youtube unsubscribing users from conservative channels?
3 Added Argument Libs attack Christians because of priests. Don't realize most Catholics are libs
1 Added Argument If Trump CAN'T be indicted cause he's president, can he be indicted AFTER he's president?
1 Added Argument Mueller says he can't indict Trump. So what would you define him as?
1 Added Argument You cannot debate or compromise with Communists. You can only defeat them
9 Added Argument Trump is gonna fire Sessions, Rosenstien and Mueller. Will the Republican congress object?
1 Added Argument Whitey came to the New World and set up a system of laws that put and kept them in power.
1 Added Argument Masculinity is right wing. Feminism is left wing.
1 Added Argument Crime all in liberal parts of U.S. Why is that?
2 Added Argument Reality of the day for libs
1 Added Argument Lesson for the day for libs
2 Added Argument Lesson of the day for liberals
1 Added Argument Liberal lesson for the day
1 Added Argument Have you noticed this about atheists?
2 Added Argument Is there not one intelligent, rational atheist on this site?
1 Added Argument Is The Use Of Logical Fallacy Part Of Debate?
1 Added Argument Trump Worshipers - Have you realized yet that Medicare is on the chopping block?
1 Added Argument Are you B12 deficient?

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