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AveSatanas's Reward Points: 4323

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Trump Worshipers - Have you realized yet that Medicare is on the chopping block?
1 Added Argument Are you B12 deficient?
0 Added Argument In your opinion, who is the biggest dick head on the site?
1 Added Argument Immigrants Who Escaped Socialist Countries Warn the U.S.
2 Added Argument Why do sociopaths do so well in capitalist societies?
1 Added Argument From where do atheists derive their morality?
1 Added Argument Defeating Atheism in two minutes
1 Added Argument Has Obama's legacy been destroyed?
1 Added Argument Don't you love it when right wingers like FromWithin bait and switch?
3 Added Argument Really bro? Atheists jump on Christians, but not Muslims? Hypocrits.
2 Added Argument Bernie for POTUS?
1 Added Argument Tolerant left strikes again
1 Added Argument Skyrim or Oblivion, which is better?
1 Added Argument Hello boys and girls!
2 Added Argument Why is free speech GOOD on campus, but NOT on the football field?
2 Added Argument Life didn't biologically begin but began through physics
1 Added Argument Prove God does NOT exist!
1 Added Argument Democrat Party is Communist & Stalinist. The mask is off.
2 Added Argument Prove God does NOT exist!
1 Added Argument Why does Communism always stem from Atheism/Secularism?
1 Added Argument Should the death penalty be used as punishment for specific crimes?
1 Added Argument Is religious liberty a right?
1 Added Argument Socialist Seattle Council Member to pass "Dangerous and Crippling Amazon Head Tax"
1 Added Argument Does withdrawing from the Iran deal mean WAR?

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