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AveSatanas's Reward Points: 4229

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Why is only Cuaroc allowed to copy and paste topics?
2 Added Argument "CHOICE" is a popular word to the Left, but only when it comes to abortions...
1 Added Argument Which Elder Scrolls is better?
1 Added Argument Nomenclature's degree pays nothing & is why he now needs socialism
1 Added Argument People Are Dumb And This Site Proves It
3 Added Argument Do atheists HATE God, or do they simply think God is nonexistent?
0 Added Argument Does it Matter if God exist?
1 Added Argument For The Many People Who Don't Understand The Difference Between Fascism And Socialism
2 Added Argument Kick Cuaroc and Fromwithin from the site
1 Added Argument Is it business savvy to give out tax cuts and HOPE it trickles down????
0 Added Argument LOL. Bronto Was Forced To Ban Me After Losing His Argument That Hitler Was A Moderate
1 Added Argument Are Atheists more intelligent than christians
10 Added Argument Are Atheists more intelligent than christians
1 Added Argument Age of consent?
1 Added Argument Americans Are So Gullible And Stupid That It Terrifies Me
2 Added Argument Science Refutes God(s) vs. Science as a Path to get Closer to God(s)
1 Added Argument Should Americans Be Able To Choose Where Their Tax Dollars Go
1 Added Argument Should Roy Moore become a United States Senator?
2 Added Argument Who Here Is a Creationist, Intelligent Design, or God Guided Evolution?
2 Added Argument Conservatives: "Facts Are Notorious For Being Biased Against Us. Therefore We Win."
1 Added Argument If We All Met For Coffee Who Would Get Killed First?
1 Added Argument Why do Christians decorate their houses for Christmas?
1 Added Argument Do we have the right to say things people don't want to hear
2 Added Argument I have banned no one from this debate. Lets see how many respond without simply insulting.

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