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AveSatanas's Reward Points: 4299

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Democrat Party is Communist & Stalinist. The mask is off.
1 Added Argument Prove God does NOT exist!
1 Added Argument Why does Communism always stem from Atheism/Secularism?
1 Added Argument Should the death penalty be used as punishment for specific crimes?
1 Added Argument Is religious liberty a right?
1 Added Argument Socialist Seattle Council Member to pass "Dangerous and Crippling Amazon Head Tax"
1 Added Argument Does withdrawing from the Iran deal mean WAR?
1 Added Argument should donald trump still be president
1 Added Argument TheMask needs to stop targeting Mingiwuwu
2 Added Argument WHAT LIBERAL POLICIES BRING: Junkies Shoot Up In Public In Nancy Pelosi's Home District
2 Added Argument True or False about Atheism 3
1 Added Argument An intruder breaks into your home with an illegal gun. How's that steak knife doing?
4 Added Argument Americans are starting to realize the GOP tax bill was a massive scam
1 Added Argument No mass shooter has ever been an NRA member
2 Added Argument Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?
1 Added Argument What is your favorite flavour of ramen
2 Added Argument Atheists are all literally retarded
1 Added Argument Democrats would defend Nazis tomorrow if it'd get them some more votes
0 Added Argument Trumpets, admit you were conned by Trump about the Wall
1 Added Argument Bernie Sanders was one of the first Dems to introduce the federal Freedom of Choice Act.
4 Added Argument That's funny! I know many people who just got pay increase! HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE?
1 Added Argument Why do you think antiAmerican agents fund the liberal media?
1 Added Argument Feminists and gays defending Islam is like blacks defending the KKK
1 Added Argument Separation of Church and State Debate

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